Google Glass Titanium Collection

google glass titanium

How can something so incredibly simple to use also be so mind-boggling? Google Glass is essentially a wearable face computer set on sunglasses-like frames. You really need to check the site and watch the video to truly understand this thing, but be warned that once you do you’re going to want it. This is the ultimate hands-free device. You just talk to it, “Glass, take a picture” and Glass takes a photo of whatever you are focused on. Same thing to instantly record what’s in front of you. It communicates with the internet via natural language voice commands, so ask “How deep is the Grand Canyon” and information is displayed on a small clear screen at eye level. Talk to people on screen, and instantly share that photo you just took, all while snowboarding down the mountain or from a roller coaster. As we said, go watch the video, it’s ridiculous. With super strong titanium frames, the Glass is lighter than the average pair of sunglasses. You can add prescription lenses and polarized, impact-resistant sunglass lenses to fit Google Glass are also planned, along with connecting earbuds that deliver a full range of audio. All of this is in a range of cool colors, of course. So how do you get one? Well, US residents can try to nab a spot in the Glass Explorer Program and participate in shaping the final product. The rest of us had better just start saving now because this incredible thing is coming out in 2014. Just don’t lie about where you are on a call with your girl when you’re wearing this…