MasterCraft XStar

2014 mastercraft xstar

Wakeboard dudes, get your motors running for the very sweet MasterCraft XStar. MasterCraft has been a recognized world leader in inboard boats for over 45 years. The company calls this beauty a “game changer” and says every towboat on the water gets compared to this one while insisting there is no comparison. We believe them. First of all, this thing looks like the Batmobile on water and it’s customizable with “infinite” color combinations (they said it, not us) that allow you to truly make it yours. They boast about its powerful wake shape for the perfect boarding experience: “thick and rampy with a crisp lip”. That kind of describes the local hooker too, but it means something much nicer when you’re talking about tasty waves. This sleek 24’ boat seats 13 people and has luxury details like a flip-down convertible lounge, for the ultimate day out on the water. It has a very sexy “command center” with an easy-to-use, triple touchscreen interface that provides the driver with access and control to the entire boat. There’s a great video on the site that will totally sell you if you’re not already sold. C’mon… how long has it been since you bought yourself a ridiculously expensive toy? Can you really put a price on this kind of fun? Go ahead. Blame it on us.