Killerspin Revolution SVR

killerspin revolution

We’ve got what your games room has been wishing for right here, with tournament-level performance and style from the space-ship-meets-ping-pong-table, Killerspin Revolution SVR. Yeah, it’s designed for professionals, but you’re allowed to buy one too. If you don’t know Killerspin, then you don’t know table tennis, but that’s okay because they do. In addition to making top-of-the-line tables, they also sponsor players internationally; who have won an impressive number of tournaments throughout the world. So, you’re in good company here, though you should invite your own company over and leave these nice people alone. This table is Killerspin’s “most celebrated table tennis edition”. In fact, it’s been featured in movies and the blue version was recently part of a Bud Light commercial, so it must be cool, right? For those who understand these things, it’s got a 22mm medium-density fiberboard top for consistent bounce and a special glare-reducing finish on the top. The sexy, silver, arched base is height adjustable, to ensure your perfect slam return, and folding wheels let you move it around easily when you need to. Let the envy flow with this beauty, at home, or at the office if you’re one of those “cool boss” types. Just don’t have sex on it. That’s what pool tables are for man.