Vintage Arcade Skeeball Machine

vintage arcade skeeball machine

Love at first sight does exist boys. Feast your eyes on the beautiful curves of this Vintage Arcade Skeeball Machine. First invented in 1909, it’s been a favorite for multiple generations. You can almost smell the carnival and hear the chaos of the arcade when you look at this thing. Note: actual product does not smell like a carnival. Remember trying to win a prize on the midway as a little kid, or how about those fond memories of launching balls right off the track during drunken Skeeball matches at the arcade after high school? Good times. And now, you can recreate those awesome memories right in your own basement. Hell, put one in your living room if you’re of one of the free and wild bachelor men. This beautiful Centennial Edition features the retro 1930’s oak exterior, an authentic flip display and we’re happy to see the pull-handle activation lever, because pushing a button just isn’t the same. It includes five balls and we can already hear the sound of them rolling down the chute. The perfect addition to any game room. Plus, now that you get to play Skeeball in the privacy of your own home, we’re thinking that Strip Skeeball needs to be invented… stat. Winning a teddy could have a whole new meaning.