Dutchtub Wood

dutchtub wood

Ah, the hot tub, where bathing suits are frowned upon and there is no “the water is cold” excuse to back you up. But this Dutchtub is a true and simple beauty unlike any other. It’s no surprise this baby has won awards, we’re blown away by the way this works and the thought that went into it. To start, it’s wood-fired. That’s right, starting a wood fire in the outer stainless steel coil warms the water in the tub and creates natural circulation. We know you think your flatulence is considered natural circulation, but in this case, it’s the colder water at the bottom that causes a spiral action as it cycles up and back out again at the top. The Dutchtub Fire Basket can be slid up and down to regulate the temperature, and in a weird and wonderful move, they’ve used a Wok design to help keep the heat in the coil, which can also be used to cook food over the fire while you float. Seriously. Soak and stir fry, it’s genius. The inner tub shell is made from high-quality polyester and the outer ring is created from Plato-preserved wood. It’s truly a hot tub for the ages and at only 85 kilos, it’s easy for two to lift this into the back of a pickup to enjoy it at both the cottage and at home. It’s weatherproof, so it can stay outside year-round. Oh yeah, and it fits four people, but two’s company and everyone else can get their own Dutchtub.