Billiard Rack Candle Holder


It doesn’t take a lot of balls to proudly put this set on display. Stand up and confidently repeat after me, “That’s right world, I’m a man. A man who loves candles and the way their soft glow highlights my most delicate features and casts dancing shadows across the room… man.” Manly men need not be afraid. The Kalalou Multi-Colored Tin Pool Ball Candle Holder Set serves as proof that even you can let a little bit of your feminine side peek through every now and then. Rack up these ten metal tea light holders to add a little ambiance to your man cave. Everyone will admire and compliment your glowing rack! Or harness the power of strength in numbers, and use the candles to mask any evidence of your latest burrito binge. Either way, décor enhancer or fart concealer, this thing just looks awesome. It’ll have your buddies saying, “Dude, I love your tasteful use of everyday items to add your own personality and style to your décor, while still keeping it masculine and unique,” and will have your lady friends asking, “Can I chalk your cue?” Just remember, in order to sink that 8 ball, you’ll have to breathe softly and carry a big matchstick.