Surf Sauna


Surf’s up! Hold on to your rapidly shrinking testicles and get ready to jump into icy waters. Trust me, this is going to be so much fun, you’ll barely notice the hypothermia! Born from the dreams of some diehard New England surfers, the Surf Sauna is gonna knock down potential weather barriers to your surf season. Now you can hit the waves no matter how low the temperature plummets. Able to accommodate up to 8 of your craziest friends, each is built to order and designed for the fanatical surfer. Soon, you’ll even be able to rent one, for your weekend surfing road trip. Each comes equipped with a shovel and jack, to get yourself out of any snowstorm. Plus, you can add optional features, like a propane stove, shower, or even your own custom logo on the side of your sauna. If you need to have one now, the first-ever Surf Sauna built is ready and waiting for someone to give it a home. It’s fully loaded with all of the optional features. And it’s the first and only one ever built to date… how cool is that? So, if surfing and a touch of insanity run deep in your veins, the mobile sauna retreat needs to be hitched to the back of your car. Don’t be a pussy – you’ve got no excuses why you shouldn’t slap on your fur-lined wet suit, put on a brave face, and hang ten.