Mammut Pro Protection Avalanche Gear Bag

mammut avalanche gear bag

This is serious gear made for guides and the dudes who get really enthusiastic about backcountry altitudes. The Mammut Pro Protection Airbag pack contains an airbag that inflates in 3 seconds when deployed by a handle on the shoulder strap. Then, you just gently float right up and out of there like you’re on the wings of an angel. Well, not really but if you’re going to be trapped in an avalanche, it’s better to be alive and hallucinating than the alternative. The airbag helps to keep you at, or near the surface, which gives you a better shot at keeping that thing called life. Mammut is a company that deals with advanced equipment for mountaineering and alpine adventures and with 150 years of history behind them, it’s no surprise that they know their stuff. From leg loops that help you stay connected to your pack during an avalanche, to ventilated back panels, a frame that supports hip-belt weight transfer, a stowable helmet carrier, and multiple smart ways to secure all your snowboard, skis, poles, ice axe, tools… the list just goes on. Whether you’re an extreme alpine guy, or you just love cool gear like this, go read all the details, they’re spectacularly well thought out. The rest of you should go open a window or something, and get some fresh air in there.