Rubber Band Machine Gun

rubber band machine gun1

Remember in grade school when a kid ready to snap you with a rubber band was something to fear? Well, staring down 16 big barrels loaded with stretched rubber bands is enough to make a person’s knees give out. Oh yeah, you know you want one. The Rubber Band Machine Gun is another Kickstarter project that has the kid in all of us celebrating and salivating. We’re talking about a rapid-fire, Gatling-style rubber band machine gun that fires a full 672 rubber bands in under a minute. Are you paying attention? That’s 14 shots per second, zinging out from 16 separate barrels, pelting more than a pound of rubber at your opponent, or targets, over an impressive 26-foot range. It’s a brilliant design, made from birch plywood cut on a CNC machine. It’s fully automatic and unloads a hail of rubber just by holding down the trigger thanks to an electric motor powered by 5 AA batteries. And because reloading 672 rubber bands would be a colossal pain in the ass, this smart, young creator also invented an included fast charger that lets you load multiple bands at once, so you’re reloaded in minutes. He’s got 4 colors available currently – natural wood, burnt wood, black, and even a camo version with a special military-style wooden box. Of course, he suggests you collect them all for your home arsenal and we can totally respect that. Time to make your friends and neighbors nervous.