T5 Race Edition Fixie from Just Ride It

t5 justrideit1

If you like to move around the city in style, you’re going to love today’s feature from our good pals over at Just Ride it. This bike is the ULTIMATE fixie. It’s got the looks, the comfort, and the style on lockdown, and whether you’re showing off its speed on the track or cruising down to the beach to check out the latest in bikini fashion trends, you know heads are going to turn (but you’re probably used to that, huh?)

It looks slicker than your average, but this bike is about more than just aesthetics. It’s fast, light, and handles like a dream. The frame and spokes are made from JRI T5 Alloy, the grips, and seat are custom designed with comfort and style in mind, the ProMax brakes are smooth and reliable, the tyres are Continental Gatorskin, and the entire package weighs in at just 8.0kg flat. Put it all together and you’ve got one hell of a bike.

Just Ride It have absolutely nailed it with this build, which commemorates their 5th year of providing all you fixie heads with top-notch bikes. Head over to their site or call my buddy Steve at JRI now to cop your T5!