RipCurl Search GPS Watch


You’ve hit the mother of all waves… and, of course, no one was around to see. Don’t let your wave-riding efforts go unnoticed! Get ready to revolutionize your surfing experience. You’re gonna be so stoked about this… like, totally, dude. RipCurl introduces the first of its kind, a GPS watch designed specifically for surfers. Strap on your ankle cuff tether, slap on your RipCurl Search GPS Watch, and get ready to ride. If you’re a hardcore surfer, you’ve probably been dreaming of something like this for a while… perhaps with a skunky cloud of smoke hovering around your head? This thing will track the stats for each wave you crush – speed, distance, and number of waves you hit. Now you’ll have the data to prove just how gnarly that wave really was. Then, show off to your wave-loving compadres by synching your watch to the RipCurl app or website to share your brag-worthy catch of the day. The hope is that it’ll motivate surfers to push themselves to go faster and harder on each wave. And, we’re truly keeping hope alive that there’s something out there that’ll get a surfer motivated. Perhaps the chance to impress the beach bunnies with some rad stats and a wicked new watch will do the trick.