Frauscher 717 GT Gentlemen’s Racer


If the 1920’s style Frauscher 717 GT Gentlemen’s Racer doesn’t get your heart racing and give you at least a semi-chub, you may want to give your pulse a check to see that you haven’t kicked it yet. This stunning vessel looks like it leaped straight off the big screen out of a Bond movie. After 80 years of boat-building experience, Frauscher presents an orgasm-inducing meld of technology, innovation, and style. This 5-person speedboat maneuvers like the most finely tuned sports car. The available 425hp engine propels this gorgeous craft through the water at top speeds of 45 knots. You may even be thrust airborne for a few heart-stopping moments. A sleek black hull and classic-inspired teak deck give it a look of class and prestige. Standard features like the luxurious white leather seating, along with options like 250hp of electric-diesel hybrid propulsion can take this extravagant yacht from extraordinary to beyond. Grab a couple of seafaring hotties and head for open waters. They’ll enjoy toasting their buns on built-in sunbed cushions, while you delight in kicking back to watch them. Let’s be real – you pull up in this racer, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble convincing a saucy sea wench or two to hop aboard!