Vespa 946


Ever thought you’d see the day when cruising around on a scooter was actually what all the cool kids were doing? Since its birth in 1946, the iconic Vespa has evolved and rebranded their image from grandpa-cycle to nerd-mobile to eco-chic chariot. The new Vespa 946 is a fashionable work of art on wheels. Though many aesthetic changes have taken shape to the Vespa, they’ve never lost sight of their roots and their Italian style. The Vespa 946’s slogan is ‘Ricordo Italiano’ – I remember Italian. And, it truly lives up to those words. Each intricate detail of the new model draws its inspiration from the traditional Vespa look, referenced in some of the earliest drawings. The attention to detail is insane, and everything – EVERYTHING – is done by hand, from stitching to the final polishing. It’s craftsmanship at its best. It’s so easy to see the care and passion that are poured into the creation of each individual vehicle – like a fine work of art. And, each Vespa 946 is as individual as its rider; You choose everything from the handle grips to the bug splatter shield. You’ll be ridin’ around in serious style and with seriously low fuel consumption. Now, not everyone can pull off having a Vespa as their trusty steed – they’re for those unique individuals who want to stand out from the crowd, with style and distinction.