Epic Bars

epic bars2

Beef jerky can go suck it, because EPIC snack bars and are the real deal when it comes to serious nutrition on the go, with an ingredient list unlike anything else. Let’s just begin by sharing that they were created by a couple – Taylor and Katie – during their summer “boot camp” vacation; running and bicycling through the West Texas mountains. If that’s already making you feel a little inadequate, due to your preferred beer and hammock summer activities, then let us add to your misery by sharing that Katie was training for the Ironman World Championship at the time. And Taylor is described as “a triathlete with many top podium finishes”. So, they felt starved for real, protein-rich food during their training and sickened by the processed sugary energy bars and gels. They wished for an “epic” bar, so they created EPIC – nutrient-dense, grain-free, animal-based protein products for people on the move. They combine smoked animal protein (beef, pork, turkey, lamb, and bison) with nuts and dehydrated fruits. Loaded with omega-3s, muscle-building CLA, plus vitamins A and E, they are a perfect fuel for athletes. Their low-glycemic nature also makes them a great choice for diabetics. And, if you like a “feel good” twist to go along with your carnivorous desires, EPIC validates that all animals used in their products live pasture-centered lives and receive the utmost humane treatment. They see themselves as leaders in recognizing the value of sustainable and responsible animal welfare practices. So these people may make you look bad, but their bars are incredibly good.