Middle Finger Key

middle finger key

If the middle finger is your “go-to” move in all your photo poses – and you know who you are – you probably need this key. It’s also perfect if this well-known gesture is reflective of your approach to life. There’s just nothing subtle or refined about this awesome Middle Finger Key… which is good. It’s a real brass house key that fits all Kwikset K1 locks. You just take it to the shop and get it cut. It’s sure going to be easy to find on your key ring. We like it for a few other reasons too. For example, it’s the perfect key to cut for that buddy who wants to crash on your couch for a few weeks until he finds a new girlfriend. It’s also a stellar idea for any guy who has a girl demanding he gives her key back. Get this one cut, toss the original, and return this one to her instead. A serious last word there boys. And, if you’re someone who’s unfortunately old enough to have kids moving back home again in their twenties, give them this as their house key. ’Nuff said.