Waterwolf Self-Propelling Surfboard

Waterwolf MPX-3

Tasty waves need not apply… you can make some waves of your own with the incredible Waterwolf electronic surfboard. Now you don’t need to live near a world-class break in order to hang ten. Just head to your nearest lake or river and transform that sucker into Surfin’ USA. Part surfboard, part personal watercraft, the Waterwolf isn’t really designed for riding the big waves, but to give you the same type of fun, wave free. It’s been described as “electric moto-surfing” and it’s one of our new must-have toys for the summer ahead. Just think about how much the other cottagers will hate you. Assuming that you’re actually coordinated enough to balance on this thing, you can fly across flat water at a speed up to 21 mph, controlled by a handheld throttle. A top-mounted LCD screen shows your speed and battery information and when you do fall on your ass, the wrist leash triggers the emergency kill-switch so your board won’t leave without you. It runs on a Li-ION battery which gives you about 25 minutes of play before needing a 3-hour charge. We suggest a second battery so you can keep riding. The fine-tuned propeller offers great maneuverability and quick turns, so with a little practice, you’ll look like a star. Then you can laugh at your buddies when they give it a try. This is one of the best ideas, that won’t really change your life, ever. We might even take it fishing. Surfishing… somebody trademark that.