Lotus Motorcycle


Welcome to sci-fi fantasy on two wheels. The legendary Lotus has just built its very first motorcycle and they did not disappoint. If you saw the movie “Tron: Legacy” you’ll definitely remember those incredible-looking light cycles. Well, the dude who designed those light cycles for the film (and the bubble ship Tom Cruise flies in Oblivion) teamed up with Lotus on this project, which is why it looks like a high-performance bike meets rocketship, with a bit of motorized panther tossed in, for a sleek effect. You do not want to drop this beauty. We’re talking about a liquid-cooled, 200hp, V-twin engine and the use of highly specialized materials like carbon, titanium, and aerospace-quality steel; the same materials used in Formula 1. Described by the makers as having “a delicate balance of raw, aggressive power and breath-taking handling”, this is an elite dream machine most of you should keep your grubby paws off, but those with unlimited bank accounts should jump on this limited release. Not that we want to leave out anyone with a keen love for debt. With this level of craftsmanship and the Lotus name behind it, we can’t imagine it would be a bad investment. Besides… how fast have you ever ridden your bank account? Keep the rubber side down boys.