BeoSound Essence

beosound essence1

Okay, so first we said, “huh?” and then we said, “ohhhhhh…” so follow along with us because getting to the “ohhhhh” of it all is worth the read. We know that Bang & Olufsen are extraordinary masters of sound and their new BeoSound Essence makes it easier to access all of your music with just a touch, using a thermostat like wall controller. Huh? Exactly. Here’s the thing, the second part of the equation is a hideaway box that’s wired to your speakers and then communicates wirelessly with your smartphone, tablet or PC through the controller. The idea behind it is to make access to your music as easy as flicking a light switch. What music? Well, listen from wherever you left off last time by touching the controller as you enter the room, or listen through any source with a Wi-Fi connection. Essence is compatible with Apple AirPlay, Spotify Connect and standard DLNA connections. You can switch sources quickly through an app called BeoMusic, but the goal here is to have you pulling out your technology less often, as B & O wants to “make listening to music as easy as turning on a light”. Of course we know that some music is better with a friend and the lights off, but we digress. The sleek, hockey puck sized controller is touch sensitive and you can pause and skip tracks with a tap. In short: all your music, from any of your digital sources, easily accessible with just a touch. “Ohhhhh”. Exactly. Audiophiles, rejoice.