IN1 Multi-Tool Utility Phone Case

in1 multi tool iphone case

So techies everywhere have been freaking out about this case and with good reason. Until now, you thought your smartphone had pretty much everything going for it, but there ain’t no app in existence that can compare to the Swiss Army knife reality of the amazing IN1 Multi Tool Utility Case. Well actually, you’re still going to need your knife because they had to leave it out of the equation in order to make this TSA compliant, which it is. That’s a great thing, because this is the kind of stuff that’s helpful to have on hand when you’re travelling. Why just have a boring phone case when you can have a light-weight case that protects and has seven different tools, plus a phone stand, because you need to show this shit off! IN1 holds: two precision screwdrivers and we all know how handy those little ones can be; one red pen and one blue pen for all your Spirograph needs; a nail file so you can scrape that crap out from under your fingernails before your date; a pair of tweezers so you can touch up the old uni-brow and some scissors… just don’t run with them. It comes in white, black or clear and you can further customize it by picking the color of the tools. Get this thing and you’re sure to forever cement your MacGyver reputation.