Bacon Scented Alarm Clock

bacon scented alarm clock

You know that disappointing feeling when you’re woken up from an incredible dream, only to realize it was just a figment of your imagination? Sucks, doesn’t it? Well, get ready to experience that feeling morning after morning, à la Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Rise and shine each and every day with the help of Wake Up & Smell The Bacon. You’ll be teased with the tantalizing tastiness of man’s greatest creation: delicious, delicious bacon. Hear the sizzle, smell the heavenly goodness, then taste the disappointment. Attach the alarm-activated scent dispenser to your Smartphone. It’ll wake you from your peaceful slumber, torment you with the illusion of bacon, then snatch it from your grasp. Taste that? That’s the palpable certainty of your sad reality, and no bacon. Why would Oscar Mayer create this? Because they know you love bacon. Why would you use this? Because you know you love bacon. Here’s a little tip you can feel free to use: Set your lady’s alarm a few minutes earlier than yours, so she can wake up and cook the bacon, turning your dreams into reality. Now that’s something to look forward to waking up to!