Tivoli Audio Bluetooth Radio

tivoli audio bluetooth radio

It’s not the size of your radio, it’s the power that matters. And, there’s a lot of powerful boom packed into this little box. Delivering rich, crisp sound, this simply styled radio is perfect for music lovers who care more about the quality of sound coming from their speakers than having their radio tell them the weather. Don’t let the seemingly hefty price tag scare you off. Mom and dad always said you get what you pay for, and that same adage rings true here. Quality is the name of the game when it comes to Tivoli and this deceivingly powerful radio. Do you kick it new school with Bluetooth? Old school with your auxiliary input? Maybe even older school with AM/FM? Either way, the Tiivoli Audio Bluetooth Radio is a stylish audio device that does not disappoint. A simple sync setup with your Bluetooth means you can listen to your music without ugly cables running between devices. And, it’s available in a variety of colors and wood grains, making it stylish and unobtrusive. Gone are the days of refrigerator sized radios and Buick sized speakers. These days, it’s all about being small but mighty, and this little giant will deliver multiple eargasms day after day.