Trunk Club

trunk club

For those times in your life when you are without a girlfriend telling you what to wear and which colors look best with your eyes, there’s Trunk Club, an easy way to look sharp, without even walking into a store. Basically, you tell them your style – from Clueless, Confident, or Aficionado and they’ll match you with a real, live stylist, who chooses a selection of clothing to suit you and ships you off a trunk full. This isn’t a monthly delivery service, who the hell needs that, you only receive as much as you want and only when you want it. Maybe you’re going on a trip, or you’re starting a new job and really need a wardrobe upgrade. This is the simplest way ever to look great with minimal work. The stuff arrives, you have 10 days to try it on, decide what to keep, and send the rest back – shipping both ways is free. Only pay for what you keep. They carry clothes from more than 50 premium brands. It’s high-end, quality stuff, so it isn’t cheap, but what’s it worth to have a stylist pull good-looking pieces together for you and send it right to your door? It’s probably worth a second look… from your colleagues, your boss, and that cute girl in Marketing. C’mon sharp dressed man, it’s time for Trunk Club.