qlocktwo clock

Everybody knows one of those time-challenged guys. The ones who are confused by the big hand/little hand and to whom twenty after eight and twenty to four are just different versions of the same clock face reality. Well, presuming they are able to read, QLOCKTWO is here for the rescue, telling the time typographically – as in “words”. The rest of us will appreciate the technology and uniquely artistic design, which comes in powder-coated stainless steel or polished glass, in seven different colors. This thing also speaks twelve languages, so it’s much more worldly than you, but not at all snobbish. In fact, it’s kinda friendly to have your clock read, “It is twenty past eight” and if you’re feeling lonely, who knows, it might even be comforting. Seriously though, this is a very cool piece of technology, with multiple functions, that’s received over a dozen renowned innovation and design awards. QLOCKTWO is a good size at 45cm x 45cm so it’s easy to read and you can hang it, or use it as a freestanding clock. Either way, telling the time just got a lot more interesting.