Elvis & Kresse Classic Washbag

Elvis & Kresse Washbag

This just has to be the manliest wash bag there ever was. Yes… we said “bag”. It’s a great way to pack all your toiletries when you’re traveling. Yes… we said “toiletries”. Now put the 9-year-old, Beavis and Butthead side of yourself away for a minute and pay attention. You want to get out there, travel, and see the world right? Jamming your shampoo and toothbrush into plastic sandwich bags just no longer cuts it, the way it did on your teenage camping trips. You need a wash bag, and trust us; this is the one you need. It’s made from a genuine, decommissioned fire-house for a very cool look that’s, obviously, waterproof to protect your other gear from exploded shaving cream or leaky aftershave. We’re talking about material that tough, active, firefighters use on duty for up to 30 years – so yes, it’s strong. And, just to take the uniqueness factor right over the top, it’s lined with parachute silk. Part firefighter, part paratrooper, and sure to impress the ladies you meet on your travels… run with this one.