Toro Lounge Chair


Want that remarkable feeling of your favorite pair of jeans conforming perfectly to your ass… while wearing nothing at all? Slap that naked ass down in the minimalist-styled seat of a Toro Lounge Chair. Less is more with the Toro Lounge Chair. The design team at Blu Dot paired down the traditional lounger to a bare-bones structure, without compromising any of the comfort. In fact, as opposed to other chairs that typically deteriorate over time, the Toro actually improves. The leather sling seat softens, becomes suppler, and conforms to your bulbous behind. The inclusion of leather in the design permitted for a more scaled-down design, because it provides a certain level of structure. This allowed for the removal of much of the construction as possible. A modest beech wood frame combines with full-grain saddle leather to create a rich, warm look and feel. There may not be a lot of materials there, but it’s got a whole lotta style that gives it a strong physical presence. Available in 3 colors, Toro makes a huge statement for such little substance.