BMW i8


Being eco-friendly doesn’t mean you’ll need to pull up to your next Greenpeace meeting in a Prius. BMW is introducing the first sports car with the same fuel consumption as a compact car… carbon fiber never looked so sexy! Running from 100% electric to extremely sporty, this badass 3-cylinder twin-powered turbo engine reacts instantly even at low revs and can reach speeds of up to 250km/h. Streamlined for aerodynamics, reduced wind resistance, and energy efficiency, the i8 is revolutionary in its class. From engine to interior, BMW went above and beyond to embrace environmental sustainability. While plastics from recycled bottles are among the eco-driven features of the interior design, the sleek BMW look holds firm. Simply put, it doesn’t scream, “Let’s go eat some quinoa and hug a tree!” The exterior is highlighted with a distinct blue-lighted feature, exclusive to this series. Oh yes, and it has scissor doors…F**king scissor doors! If the rest of the car somehow didn’t get you noticed, just open your doors and see how many heads turn. Want to know the current info about the status of your car? There’s an app for that! The remote app lets you see the status of the i8’s high-voltage battery and other info, right on your phone. Make a statement in unmistakable BMW style, without compromising your love of Bambi, whales and all of that other shit nature has to offer.