TOMS Coffee


What did you do this morning? Brewed a cup of coffee and saved a few lives? Now, that’s what I call a productive start to the day! Although you might be thinking that coffee is the principal life-sustaining source, you might be shocked to hear that it’s actually water. You may recognize the TOMS name as a philanthropic shoe enterprise; Buy a pair of their shoes, and they’ll give a pair to someone less fortunate. Well, they’re now venturing into the coffee business using their same ‘One for One’ business model. With each TOMS bag of coffee that you buy, they’ll give a week of clean water – that’s 140 liters – to someone who needs it. TOMS has joined forces with Water For People to bring this most basic human need to disadvantaged people across 5 countries. They’re not just diggin’ a well… they’re creating long-term and sustainable water sources and solutions. It’s really a win-win-win situation: The coffee farmers are paid a fair price, a community gets a supply of clean water, and you get your tasty morning brew. Now, the best part of waking up can be providing a life-sustaining resource to a community in need… and TOMS in your cup!