TomTom Runner Cardio


I know you’re probably thinking you can just keep going and going all day and night. So let’s put that endurance to the test! Slap on a TomTom Runner Cardio, and you’ll be equipped with the most accurate way of measuring what your body is really capable of handling. Run and track your stats using the integrated GPS to precisely calculate your distance, pace, and speed for outdoor runs. Depending on your goal, the heart rate monitor keeps you in your preferred intensity zone. If you opt for the treadmill instead – or if a little rain or cold weather is enough to scare the tough guy out of you – calibrate your TomTom to the treadmill’s readouts to better determine your stats. And, if the most worthy opponent of you is, in fact, you, go toe-to-toe in a race against yourself using the Training Partner Race feature, to see who comes out on top. You’ll be able to compare your current run to your past efforts, while a graphical play-by-play lets you see if you’re behind or ahead of your best time. Set your goals, track your results, get off your ass, and watch yourself progress with each step.