Sonos Playbar


Ok, so you spent so much time and effort in picking out the hottest TV around – it has superior picture quality, a slick look, and the sickest newest features… now is not the time to skimp on sound. Such an amazing TV deserves an equally amazing sound system. And, you don’t just want to hear the sound. You want to experience it; to be immersed in it. Unleash your TV’s sound with the Sonos Playbar. Made for true music lovers, Playbar’s nine speakers saturated you with HiFi sound, that’s not just louder, but clearer. The simple and unobtrusive system is simple to set up, control, and expand wirelessly throughout your entire house. Mount it on your wall, or sit it on your media console. At just over 3” high, you’ll barely notice it there – except for the insane sound emanating from it. Access and stream all the music on earth with the easy-to-use app. And, whether you’re listening to music, watching television or movies, or playing a video game, if it can connect to your HDTV, it can be heard through Playbar. It not only pairs with your TV but Playbar can be used on its own as an all-in-one player. Control it using your television’s remote, pump up the volume, and submerge yourself in a deep ocean of sound.