Toms Sunglasses

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Protecting your peepers from those UV rays is job one of course, but your sunglasses also need to look sharp and let you see the world properly. Stop buying those cheap shades that break easily, with lenses that warp the world just enough so that curbs and stairs become a bit acid-trip-like. Treat yourself to a pair of well-made, quality sunglasses that will last with TOMS Eyewear and you’ll also help improve visual impairment worldwide. We’ve told you before about TOMS’ game-changing “One for One” shoe program and now they’ve expanded their giving platform to sunglasses. Every pair of eyewear bought from TOMS equals sight for one person in 12 developing countries, as well as in the United States. This could mean prescription glasses, sight-saving surgery, or medical treatment. Plus, they work with locally based organizations to train residents in professional eye care, to help create long-term change. So while you and your slick new aviators are looking sexy in traffic, people in need around the world get a whole new view on life. We call that one hell of a bang for the buck.