Stumptown Coffee Roaster

stumptown coffee roasters

If you really love coffee – not just a sleepy-morning-flailing-about-caffeine-fix – but the flavor, smell, and different roasts of really good coffee, then you need to know about Stumptown Coffee Roasters. A great story always goes well with a cup of Joe and Stumptown has one. The founder started it all by handing over his life savings for a 1920’s era, 5 kg, cast iron coffee roaster and began by delivering wholesale coffee from the back of a Ford Pinto on the road to his dream (did Wayne’s World just flash through your head too?). His dream concept: to scour the globe for the best beans in the world, pay a living wage to the farmers and raise the expectations of great coffee. 15 years, 4 cities, many improved farming communities, and killer coffee concoctions later (read about their “Hair Bender” blend) they now make amazing Brew Kits too. Pick the kit that works for you from 4 different types, containing everything you need to make incredible coffee, including the grinder and beans. From the brilliant “Voyageur”, which brews one perfect cup for when you’re on the trail, or traveling, to the “Entertainer” which has everything you need to entertain a crowd at home, these Brew Kits are a coffee lover’s dream come true. You just know that people who have devoted their lives to coffee are going to understand how to brew it. Check them out and tell your taste buds we say, “You’re welcome”.