Jet Capsule Watercraft

jet capsule

You know that feeling when your balls tighten up a little with the intense desire for a new toy? Well, get ready for that familiar tingle when you check out the sleek and sexy Jet Capsule Closed Cabin Watercraft – which is unlike any boat you’ve seen before. First of all, this thing looks like a spaceship and the dashboard is spectacular, but what’s really cool is that they’ve managed to achieve a yacht-like feel in a 23’ boat, without losing comfort because the width maxes out at 13’ making it far more spacious than other boats this size. You won’t believe the level of customization. You can choose from the living room or luxurious sofa bed layouts (read: floating sex den) that let you live onboard comfortably, or a taxi-style version that seats up to nine, or even design it all yourself, on demand. Best of all, you can choose your own horsepower and a gas or diesel engine. And, if you need more ammo to help convince the little woman, this thing has an insane amount of color customization available too, from the leather seating and decking to the exterior to help satisfy her inner designer. Owning this is like stepping into a James Bond movie. There’s also a Mini Jet Capsule version so you don’t have to invite your friends along. Two’s company, three spoils the martinis, or something like that.