Collapsible Ultra-Thin Stainless Steel Camp Stove

collapsible camp stove

We’re feeling a lot of love for the creator of this uber-smart, ultra-thin Collapsible Camp Stove. Envisioned by the founder during his “annual solo walkabout in the northern Minnesota wilderness”, it’s created to run on renewable fuels like wood and alcohol and is also suitable for subzero temperatures if you muster up the cojones to go winter camping. A great idea to begin with, wilderness dude took it so much further. This thing is made of just four, laser-cut stainless steel pieces, only weighs 144 grams, assembles in seconds, and breaks down to a tenth of its size, nesting together in the shape of a sleeping pad for easy storage/transport. The strong, secure base holds up to a two-quart pot to feed those hungry, hungry hippos and the firebox doubles as a windscreen. Wood can be added without having to remove your pot, or it accommodates a variety of alcohol burners and also burns peat, coal, or even dung, though we are suspicious of how that may flavor the food… That’s some hot shit right there, but even more appealing, the company donates a minimum of 10% of profits to environmental initiatives and partners with humanitarian aid organizations to distribute stoves to countries devastated by deforestation, like Guatemala and South Africa. So, grab this stove, go forth, and burn dung. You know you want to.