STACT Modular Wine Cellar

stact modular wine cellar

This one is for the guys who have no need to tweet “#winning”. While you don’t care to broadcast your success, you certainly don’t mind enjoying the fruits of your labors… specifically, the grapes. Meet the STACT Modular Wine Cellar, another killer Kickstarter project that’s caused quite a fuss, receiving accolades from around the globe. This is “wine holder meets modern art” and creates a full-on wine cellar right on your wall. Each module is 11 3/8” x 14 5/16” assembled and crafted from “precision machined aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and premium furniture-grade wood veneer/high-gloss piano lacquer panels”, available in 6 finishes. They’ve been tested to fit all styles of standard-sized (750ml) wine bottles and will also work for large-sized craft brews and many liquor bottles as well, so you can mix it up. And don’t worry about your walls. STACT has been engineered and tested to securely support the fully stocked weight when installed on a standard drywall surface. Each single panel holds 9 bottles, but if you combine 2 panels side-by-side, you create an extra 3 down the middle for a total of 21. Follow along, twisted logic math geniuses… buying multiple STACT panels gives you more rack space for your money, so it’s kind of like saving money and with those savings, you can buy more wine to fill the rack. How can you argue with that?