NexStar 6SE Computerized Telescope

nexstar 6se computerized telescope1

Amazingly, this telescope is a perfect choice for those of you who are into astronomy, as well as for those of you who couldn’t find Uranus if your life depended on it. No wonder it won’s “Telescope of the Year” for 2013. We’re warning you… reading about the NexStar 6SE Computerized Telescope is likely to cause intense desire because it’s a truly excellent portable scope at a great price. Those who know their stuff will appreciate that it features the first new Schmidt-Cassegrain optical system in over a decade, combined with a high-performance Altaziumuth computerized telescope. The precision optical system has a 1500mm focal length and gives 44% more light gathering than a 5” telescope, but weighs in at just 30 lbs – including the tripod. For guys just getting into star gazing, the computerized features include a database of over 40,000 celestial objects and their amazing SkyAlign™ sky tour feature helps you find them. There’s even an optional SkySync GPS accessory that lets you download data from orbiting satellites for quick alignment with the universe. Seasoned astronomers who want a portable scope with killer advanced features should check it out. If you’re new to this and ready to boldly go beyond peeking at neighbors with your toy telescope, here’s what you need to see some real heavenly bodies. And lest we forget, sharing the magical night sky with a special lady can only lead to good things.