COGITO Smartwatch

cogito smartwatch

Okay, we’re fully willing to admit that there are actually some of you out there that need to be in constant contact with your phone messages, texts, and email for work purposes. The rest of you are just idiots. So in the spirit of killing two birds with one piece of technology, we bring you the COGITO smartwatch that connects you to your digital products and helps make you less annoying – at least where your phone is concerned. The COGITO is a great-looking, precision-crafted timepiece that comes in multiple colors and combines classic analog movement with a lucid digital display that links to your smartphone or tablet app using Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy technology. Customize the settings to your specifications and the watch face shows you alerts when you get a call, text, or email. Use the side buttons or simply tap the watch’s face to acknowledge and clear alerts. Respond to the important ones and let the others wait while you actually enjoy your life. We love its implications for active guys. It’s water resistant so you can receive important alerts while you’re on the beach, during a rainstorm, or even in the shower, without risking water damage to your phone. Or without the boss knowing you’re actually at the pool. So, get ready for a little freedom from the phone and get in on the pre-order for this hot new watch, while you can.