Moment Camera Lens

moment iphone lens

Ahh… there’s nothing like the confidence of having a wide angle in your pocket. Or maybe you’re more of a telescopic man? Oh hell, at this introductory Kickstarter price, just grab them both. We’re talking about the amazing new Moment mobile phone lenses that are miles beyond anything else on the market today. We may blab about our SLRs, GoPros, and HD camcorders, but let’s face it, the camera you tend to rely on most, is the one in your pocket. It’s convenient, always there, and connected too. Some people don’t even have an alternate camera, but despite whatever effects and apps you have loaded, the lack of image quality from your lens is going to limit you. Not a big deal when you’re taking drunken blackmail shots of your friends, or “special” selfies to send your girlfriend, but when you’re at the top of that mountain, or spot a deer during a hike, the ability to capture something amazing on your mobile camera is… well, amazing. The creators tried everything else on the market first, then went to work making two impressive and lightweight new lenses that allow previously unachievable quality and creativity in mobile photography. It’s the glass that matters here and Moment lenses share the same optical design process as professional cinematic lenses. They come in wide and tele sizes and attach using a thin plate that works with or without a case. Go check out their video and specs. Seriously impressive.