Brooklyn Brewshop Beer Making Kit: Everyday IPA

brooklyn beer making kit

Whether you’ve newly discovered craft beer, or you’re a long-time hophead, it’s an indescribable feeling to enjoy a fresh, delicious beer that you’ve brewed yourself. So come along fine young beer aficionados and give thanks to the good people at Brooklyn Brew Shop for their awesome, Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit. Of all the hobbies you could get into, this one has one of the sweetest rewards – a full gallon of beer, as in ten, 12-ounce bottles of really good brew. And with a 6.8% alcohol content, it’s no lightweight. This is a remarkably well-balanced beer that achieves just the right bitterness from the Columbus hops, with Cascade hops adding a fragrant citrusy aroma. We’ve seen grown men stick their whole face into a basket of Cascade hops because they smell so good! You don’t need much space – the kit takes up less than 1 square foot of space in your kitchen, basement, etc. It comes with complete instructions but Brooklyn Brew is ready for when you say, “What?!” and has full details about how to brew, along with videos and FAQs on their site, to help fledgling brewmasters. Caution: small risk of enchantment by the amber nectar may occur. Please resist the urge to hoard bottles and chant about, “the Precious”. Call your friends, and share the love.