Teva Chair 5 Print Boot

teva chair 5 print boot

Well, someone has answered our prayers, so with thanks to Santa, Buddha, or the God of your persuasion, we finally have a lightweight, warm, and waterproof boot that also handles well on ice. Halle-snowday-lujah for the Teve Chair 5 boots. These babies have all the warmth you need for hiking, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling, thanks to the cozy 3M Thinsulate insulation, but clock in at about half the weight of most other boots. The liner is removable, so you can use them as cabin boots too, making the quick runs for more wood less treacherous. Teva’s White Spider Rubber sole stays flexible in low temperatures to grip the ice and they can compress down to the size of normal shoes, which means they’re easy to pack for those awesome adventures you’re planning (seriously, get off the couch). All this and they look good too. No more lumbering through the snow like Frankenstein in your heavy boots. You are now free to romp across the snow banks with gleeful abandon. Just don’t let anybody catch you during that little celebration – you’ll never hear the end of it.