Survival Slingshot – Archer Complete

survival slingshot archer complete

You know, there was nothing wrong with your own beloved slingshot, until now. There’s just no un-seeing the Survival Slingshot. Their slogan is “Bring a tool, not a toy!” further shaming everyone with a formerly, perfectly good slingshot. Damn, those rocket scientists! That’s right. The dude who invented this amazing thing is an aerospace engineer. Now you want it even more, right? He used modern aerospace engineering and manufacturing techniques to develop a new take on survival. This version is configured for archery and has a tactical light for nighttime hunting. Its incredibly strong aluminum alloy platform is expandable with a hollow, waterproof handle that holds 8” of survival items, and really… 8” is perfectly respectable, right guys? It features a Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit that increases your accuracy with the arrows but folds out of the way to use regular ammunition. With a 25-pound pull, you can bow fish and even take down game. Do you want serious? They have a quote on-site from a Navy SEAL who highly recommends it as a powerful hunting weapon and versatile survival tool. A real frogman kids! We just hope that you can survive this slingshot. This is a weapon, not a toy. Listen to your mother, don’t be stupid. You could put somebody’s eye out with this thing. Get it anyway.