FishHunter Sonar

fish hunter sonar1

Well, it’s about time that someone figured out something to outwit those brainiac fish. Why just “try your luck” out on the lake when you could hunt the bastards down with military precision? No, really. FishHunter Sonar is a military-grade, portable, smartphone app and fish-finding sonar combo. Yeah, it’s a mouthful, but it does a lot. The small sonar device floats, can communicate with your smartphone from 80 ft. away, and track fish 100 ft. below the surface. It’s also environmentally safe (except for the fish), shock resistant, and waterproof, which is good since it floats and all. The FishHunter smartphone app is the most advanced fishing app on the market today. It has GPS-based fishing spot tracking and mapping features, a log to record catch information, and connects with the Sonar Fish Finder via Bluetooth. It even keeps track of your moon cycles… And, because our world is a social media playground, it also has advanced social sharing and networking abilities so you can share your catches instantly. They also think you should be rewarded for being awesome (that’s what they said) and have several photo contests built right into the app. So go forth and be awesome. Lay some military action on those fish, stalk them, reel them in, then brag about it on social media. Like FishHunter says, “Fish can swim but they can’t hide”. Catch us a nice rainbow trout, would you?