Iridium GO! Satellite Wifi Hotspot

Iridium Go Satellite WiFi Hotspot

Well… you’ll all be happy to know that now, no matter how remote that little fishing cabin is, or how far you portage into the wilderness, you’ll always be available to talk to your girlfriend, from absolutely anywhere in the world. Now, that may sound like quite a horror story and yes we do hope you have nightmares, but the reality is that this thing is unlike anything the world has ever seen before. Ever. The Iridium GO! is an incredible “personal satellite” solution that simplifies global connection for voice and data, no matter where you are on the planet. The GO! is small enough to fit in your pocket and tough enough to hold its own against rain, sand, dust, and the clumsy treatment in your backpack. You just flip up the integrated antenna and the battery-powered unit automatically connects to the Iridium LEO satellite constellation, creating a Wi-Fi hotspot with an approximate 30.5 meter (100 foot) radius, anywhere. As in anywhere…for up to five smartphones, laptops or tablets. Imagine Facebooking in the forest and Twittering in Tristan da Cunha. No, don’t because the reality is that this is going to be a game changer for everyone who loves to roam, or travels a lot for work; compatible with Apple and Android systems. Get the Iridium GO! and then get lost.