Riide Bike

riide electric bike

So the plan is to get this Riide electric bike and pedal up steep hills using motor assistance while taunting the hard-working regular cyclists along the way. Come on, you know you want to. This amazing bike is actually another remarkable Kickstarter project. Its founders say, “Big cities are modern marvels, but getting around in them sucks.” Preaching to the choir here. Riide is built it to be light, more like a regular bike, and at just 35 lbs it’s probably the lightest electric bike we’ve ever seen. The battery and controller are integrated into the frame design to protect them from the elements. You can control the bike to choose how fast you go and how hard you work. Pedal normally, use the throttle to go up to 20 MPH, or do both to go even faster (do you wanna go faster?). We like faster. We like this bike. And don’t worry, the quality 160mm disc brakes will help you stop you just fine when the time comes. It even harnesses the energy from braking back into your battery to extend your range, which is 25 miles by the way and the battery recharges within 2 hours. That’s better than most camera batteries. They worked with mechanics to ensure the quality parts could be serviced at any regular bike shop and suggest that this is a responsible urban lifestyle choice that’s easy on the environment and your wallet. They want us to use Riide to take back our cities, but this cool ride might just take over the world. Go check it out and support the takeover.