Surfboard Grooming Kit

surfboard grooming kit

We may just be California dreamin’, but for surfers coast to coast from the Jersey shore to Huntington Beach, where there’s a will, there’s a wave. And for those who love their board as much as they love the swells, we bring you this meticulously crafted Surf Grooming Kit. This is the most sophisticated surfboard maintenance kit on the market, so if you use your board as a dining room table or ironing board in between wave runs, this isn’t going to save your sorry ass. However, those who baby their boards are likely half in love with it at a glance. The kit includes a wax comb, bar of wax, cotton cloth, and a bottle of methyl hydrate to clean off any old wax residue. This wax comb is legendary. It’s made from bronze metal and Lapacho hardwood, which is known in Brazil as a divine, vitality-enhancing tree (is that a Lapacho in your board shorts or…) and features the standard comb grooves and a scraper, but also has a bottle opener so you can quickly crack a cold one when you’re finished. Even the wooden packaging is perfectly designed. This was created as a limited edition of 25, which sold out of course, but shoot them an email as they are pre-ordering for another limited run. Go forth and be epic.