Garmin Tactix Navigator Watch

garmin tactix navigator watch1

Unleash your inner Navy Seal with this specialty, tactical GPS watch from Garmin. The Tactix was “inspired by the requirements of law enforcement and police special operations” so you’d better believe it can keep up with the toughest of weekend warriors in the grittiest conditions. In addition to the 3-axis compass, altimeter, and barometer, the full-feature GPS navigator lets you plan and view your routes in latitude/longitude and MGRS (military grid reference system), plus it has extensive tracking capabilities, including “TracBack” to help you find your way back when your confidence has exceeded itself a little. Its wireless ANT+ and Bluetooth technology means you can also share your routes with other compatible Garmin devices or smartphones running their Basecamp app, which speaks of great possibilities to come. There are also toys for the real adventure he-men like preloaded US tide charts and Jumpmaster skydiving software that helps you navigate toward your desired impact point. We’re thinking somewhere soft would be good. You can also use it as a remote for the new Garmin VIRB action camera and… oh yeah, it’s a watch too. Described as a “GPS watch that both soldiers and civilians can rely on” it’s waterproof with all the standard alarms, stopwatch, and timers, plus a world clock that can display multiple time zones, military time, and Zulu time at once. Forget the Rolex, this is a timepiece worthy of your wrist.