Snooze iPhone Alarm Dock

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Yes, mornings are cruel, sadistic, and only made worse by fumbling with the snooze function on your iPhone or accidentally turning off the alarm altogether. It really makes you miss just pounding the hell out of the snooze button on your old alarm clock, doesn’t it? Thankfully, some people still hold to the idea that technology should make our lives better, so before you chuck your iPhone across the room, pick up one of these maple wood alarm docks with a big ass, rubber snooze bar. The Snooze iPhone Alarm Dock gives your phone a safe home by the bed and manages the cords, and they’ve even designed a free “Snooze App” with a dimmable clock face and a great range of alarms. You can be gently coddled to consciousness or choose a shredding electric guitar alarm if you need a kick in the head to start your day. So, wake the hell up and make your morning a little less painful. You’re welcome.