Kolibree Smart Toothbrush

kolibree smart toothbrush1

Because you’re too useless to even brush your teeth properly, here we have Kolibree, the world’s first “smart toothbrush and mobile app”. Hey now, dental hygiene is nothing to laugh at… especially with those teeth! Designed for intelligent brushing, it has technology that you can really sink your teeth into. No, we really can’t resist. What it’s actually all about of course is improving your habits and it’s mostly designed for families. It records data from multiple toothbrushes, rewards progress, and cheers you on, so it does sound like a great way to encourage the rug rats and improve their brushing habits, which may save you money on dental problems down the road. The brush analyzes your brushing habits and displays them on your smartphone in a mobile dashboard setup. It tells you if you brushed long enough and whether you reached all the important parts of your teeth and gums. The shiny-toothed folks at Kolibree suggest that this transforms a once boring activity into a motivating experience, but we suspect it may feel more like those old guilt trips from your Mom, “Did you brush your teeth? Let me smell your breath.”