Goldee Light Controller

goldee light controller

“Clap on… clap off” looks absolutely archaic next to the Goldee Light Controller. Like a typewriter vs. texting, like an 8-track vs. Sound Cloud. Billed as “the intelligent light that caters to you” this is a high-tech way to feel like an omnipotent being in your own home. Hand movements in front of Goldee’s touchless gesture sensors control the basics. As you’d expect, you can turn lights on or off, brighten or dim them, but this does so much more. Timers, alarms, and colored lighting possibilities give you a spectacular light show. Begin your day with a Sunrise Alarm as Goldee gradually turns up warm ambient lighting to wake you like the rising sun, or set the mood at night with romantic red or soft blue lights. The proximity sensor can be set to turn lights on and off as you enter or leave the room and if you wake in the night, you’ll get just enough light to move around comfortably – automatically. You can dim lights slowly through the evening to help prepare you for sleep and a sleep timer is perfect for little ones, or for you big babies. The smart security feature uses lights to simulate your presence while you’re away far better than those old timers. Works with all types of bulbs and connects with your smartphone too. You’ll feel like a great wizard with the power of light at your fingertips. So worth the price of admission.