Stamp Yo Face

stomp yo face

You’re one good lookin’ mofo, and everyone should have the privilege of seeing your beautiful face. Anywhere. Anytime. On anything. Put your mark on it – Stamp Yo Face! With a custom stamp of your gorgeous mug and the power of an ink pad in your pocket, you’ll be tagging everything in sight with your image. Each rubber creation is hand-drawn by skilled artist, Hannah. Why have a plain old signature when you can seal your identity in ink with a personalized print? Forget that unreadable autograph – there will be no mistake about it when you put your stamp on something! Along with your stamp, you’ll also get the digital drawing of your face, so you can add it to your emails, invoices or receipts. Singles, couples or pets – they’ll do them all. Just send in your favorite picture, and they’ll turn it into your new personal branding tool. But don’t be in a rush to check your mailbox for your shipment. An influx in demand has increased the typical 3 week turnaround time to as long as 14 weeks before you can expect to receive your delivery. Plenty of time for everyone to prepare for the imminent onslaught of your face – anywhere and everywhere.