Apollo 70 Airstream Bar

apollo 70 airstream bar

That’s one small step for beer, one giant leap for party-goers everywhere. Launch this one-of-a-kind booze-mobile at your next event and make a planetary-sized impression. Bummer they can’t service your next cross-country road trip, right? Stationary parties only. But, even in park, this deluxe land rocket will give you one ride you won’t forget. The iconic look of the Airstream Land Yacht combines with an unexpectedly sleek, Vegas-inspired interior. Hop on this unique nightclub on wheels. From beer to champagne, you’ll indulge in the fully stocked on-board bar. And, whether you’re craving greasy street meat or gourmet eats, the Apollo 70 team can cater to anything you want to stuff down your gullet. Can’t get the green light for a trip out to Vegas? Step inside, and you’ll feel like you’ve been instantly transported to the glitzy glam of Sin City. Have a little bit of sophisticated style roll up to your party. It’ll bring a touch of distinct flashiness and added class to your event, even if you don’t. Plus, it’s carrying a cargo load of booze. Food, booze, and service all rolled into one traveling bar. Let the party come to you, then climb aboard and get ready for adventure.